Management of professional sportspeople

Proneo Sports specialises in the management of professional sportspeople.

Our company works with the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) under the FIFA licence through its agent, Mr. Xavier Bonaventura.

Our organisational structure includes highly qualified professionals with vast experience that ensures responsible and honest action based on personal attention and continuous monitoring.

Proneo Sports stands out for its consulting services both nationally and internationally, focusing efforts and investing time in the search for new talent.

We understand that attention must be totally professional, but above all, personal and human, which is why we operate through ongoing personalised attention. At a professional level we offer legal, employment, tax and financial services, always seeking maximum profitability from the work carried out. We also have our own communication and marketing department that will take care of everything related to the image rights, advertising and sponsorship of the sports person.

What can Proneo Sports offer its customers?

- Personal and individual relationship, backed by over 15 years of experience in the sector

- Professional and customised development of the sports marketing and communication of the sports person.

- DOur own department integrated within the company for legal, fiscal and labour affairs.

- International scope and impact.

- Negotiation of contracts with professional sports organisations. Today, Proneo Sports works and is present all over the worlds.

Organization of events, stages and courses

Proneo Sports handles the comprehensive management of your sports event. Based on the planning of the event in financial terms, we develop the specific legal, technical and organisational elements, optimising resources and applying the elements of safety required to carry out any action in this regard

We place special emphasis on the promotion of the event and the management of the media, conducting a full study of the environment and network of relationships between the different areas that form part of the event to be held.

Proneo Sports stands out for its organisational ability, understanding this aspect as a fundamental premise for achieving the proposed financial and social objectives.

The organisation of tournaments, sports campuses, clinics, stages for entities and sports federations, forms part of the services that Proneo Sports can offer you.

We are currently working with a network of training schools dedicated to the attainment of academic sports qualifications throughout Spain. ( and

Sponshorship, Marketing & Communication

At Proneo Sports we develop activities with the aim of meeting the needs, wishes and expectations of our clients, generating benefits and working on the analysis, organisation, planning and control of resources and activities that affect them.

To achieve this objective we have the following means:

-Market research and design of products and services.

-Price and distribution policy.

-Communication and promotion..

Our experience in this field enables us to work with different communication strategies (TV, press, internet, sponsorships, advertising, direct marketing, etc.) and maximise the benefits obtained.

In this sense we search for and work through sports marketing in order to achieve differentiating features such as:

- Increasing popularity and presence in the media.s.

- Modifying or enhancing the public image of the client.

- Identifying the client in certain segments of the market..

-Introducing the client into certain markets.

- Achieving sponsorship or patronage goals.

- Beating competition through exclusivity.

- Obtaining exclusive services and benefits through the use of the client’s image.

- Analysing, creating, developing and monitoring the brand.

Management and Construction of Sports Facilities

At Proneo Sports our main objective is to provide a comprehensive and professional service for those organisations that require services such as construction, maintenance or the management of sports facilities.

With this objective in mind, Proneo Sports has surrounded itself with professionals who have the experience, imagination and drive to carry out these activities, forming a solid and efficient team that works hard to provide the appropriate solution for each client.

EAt Proneo Sports we know very well that our services must have quality and professionalism as a common denominator, which is why, having collaborated with many organizations, both public and private, we can proudly say that we have achieved our goal and surpassed the expectations set in all the projects we have initiated.

Proneo Sports collaborates in these services with the company PINEARQ (


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